Waterfowl Working Group:

Waterfowl Working Group
The LMVJV Waterfowl Working Group serves as the technical forum for coordination and communication among Joint Venture partners in matters pertaining to implementing the goals and objectives of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP). The Working Group ensures that the conservation actions of Joint Venture partners are supported by program and agency-specific population-based habitat objectives and that population and habitat monitoring programs are supporting the progressive refinement of waterfowl conservation goals and objectives.

The Working Group is empowered to:

Refine and revise the waterfowl habitat objectives of the LMVJV at such times and in such manner as the Working Group deems new data and information warrant such refinement.

Coordinate the development and implementation of habitat and population monitoring programs.

Review and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of waterfowl management programs and projects.

Identify research issue and needs pertinent to NAWMP implementation and coordinate and facilitate the development and implementation of research projects.

Represent the LMV Joint Venture before the National Science Support Team (NSST) of the NAWMP Committee, Flyway Technical Councils, and other such bodies on any and all technical matters pertaining to the LMV Joint Venture’s implementation of the NAWMP.

Represent the LMV Joint Venture in communication and outreach to the public on the technical and scientific issues associated with waterfowl conservation and management.

Organize such ad hoc or standing sub-committees or working groups as deemed necessary in accomplishing its purpose.


For more information about waterfowl, visit the Waterfowl page under Conservation Planning.


Waterfowl Working Group Documents

                September 2008 Meeting Documents
                                Agenda and Meeting Purpose
                                State Meeting Guidance
                                Allocation Issues
                                Waterfowl Habitat Monitoring Program
                                LMVJV Migration Network Request
                July 2009 Meeting Documents
                                Model Parameter Priorities
                                DED Values by State, Flood Frequency, and Duration
                                DED Values – Duration and Frequency Arkansas Graphs
                                Decomposition of crops – disturbance
                January 2010 Meeting Documents
                                Conference Call Notes
Management Board Reports
                May 2007
                Joint Task Group
                                JTG Final Report
                                Runge et al 2006
                Future of Waterfowl Management Workshop
                                Results of pre-Workshop Survey
                                Habitat Management
                                Harvest Management
                                Human Dimensions
                Status and Trends
                                                Trends in Breeding Populations, 1955-2008
                                                Waterfowl Population Status – 2008
                                                CWS Prairie Waterfowl Status Report – July 2008
                                                Trends in Breeding Populations, 1955-2007
                Adaptive Harvest Management
                                AHM Final Report – 2008
                                Waste Grain for Migrating Waterfowl:
                                Waterfowl Foraging Production on Morgan Brake NWR
                                Waterfowl Use in Grain Sorghum and Other Managed Habitats
                                Ratoon Rice Study
                Peer-reviewed Literature
                                Foundational Documents:
                                                Reinecke et al 1989
                                                Reinecke and Loesch 1996