Conservation Planning - Northern Bobwhite

Parent Plan: National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI)

NBCI Cover.jpgMAV Plan: NBCI BCR 26 Assessment (pp. 98-102)


Latest Plan Revision: 2011


Objectives Baseline Year: 1980


Form of Pop. Obj.: Additional Coveys


Habitat Objectives: Based on “improvable acres” as assessed in 2008. 


MAV BRI.tifThe NBCI employs a Biologist Ranking Information (BRI) layer to assess the likelihood that an area can provide quality habitat and that bobwhite would readily respond to management.  Ten percent of the MAV (2.72 million ac) was assessed by NBCI workshop participants as having “high” potential for bobwhite habitat improvement (shown in blue to the right and below).  The best three land use management opportunities in descending order are (1) Improved Field Borders, (2) Prescribed Fire, and (3) Forest Management to decrease canopy cover and increase sunlight reaching the ground.  These three practices account for 86% of all bobwhite management opportunity in high priority landscapes within the MAV.