Conservation Planning - Landbirds

Landbird Planning in the West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas

The WGCPO Landbird Open Pine Plan

WGCPO Bottomland Hardwood Plan


Conservation Plans for other landbird guilds in the WGCPO are under development


Landbird Planning in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley:

Parent Plan: North American Landbird Conservation Plan


MAV Plan: PIF Bird Conservation Plan for the MAV

                A Spatially Explicit Decision Support Model for Restoration of Forest Bird Habitat – Twedt et al. (2006)


Latest Plan Revision: 1999


Objectives Baseline Year: Variable


Population Objectives: Variable


Habitat Objectives: The PIF Plan details habitat requirements of priority species/guilds, and prescribes Bird Conservation Areas of three threshold size classes (4,000-8,000 ha, 8,00-40,000 ha, >40,000 ha) to meet priority species needs.  Twedt et al. (2006) identifies high priority geographies for reforestation for high priority forest-nesting birds based on existing forest habitat and an assumed premium on increasing forest core.