Tri-State Conservation Coordination Committee (Tri-C)

The Tri-C was initiated in May, 2013 as a result of interest expressed by NRCS State Conservationists in AR, LA, and MS to formulate a unique forum aimed at improving collaboration among the NRCS and conservation partners in the Lower Mississippi River Valley (LMRV). The fundamental goal of the Tri-C partnership is to enhance coordination and support opportunities associated with Farm Bill Program delivery. In its establishment, the Tri-C recognized that effectively addressing identified priorities would benefit from working directly with established conservation partnerships within the LMRV. Specifically, it was acknowledged that the most effective approach to accomplishing Tri-C objectives is formally linking the Tri-C to the LMVJV and utilizing its Conservation Delivery Networks as a natural conduit for developing goal specific working groups. As a result, in April 2014 the LMVJV Management Board solidified its support for the Tri-C by chartering the committee. Then in March 2015, the NRCS further formalized the Tri-C through the establishment of a Declaration of Partnership (DoP) with the LMVJV (links to boh the Charter and DoP documents are included below).

A Tri-C flyer link, highlighting its benefits, goals, and accomplishments thus far, is also included below.