Arkansas/Louisiana WGCP Conservation Delivery Network

The Arkansas/Louisiana West Gulf Coastal Plain Conservation Delivery Network, formed in the upper West Gulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas and Louisiana, is supported by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NRCS Arkansas, NRCS Louisiana, Arkansas Forestry Commission, Arkansas Heritage Commission, TNC Arkansas, TNC Louisiana, U.S. Forest Service, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The cornerstone of the Conservation Delivery Network (CDN) is communication and collaboration through a networking partnership of conservation delivery specialists who have a shared interest and responsibility for wildlife and resource management within the Arkansas/Louisiana WGCP CDN landscape.

The following documents reflect some important actions and activities undertaken by the CDN.


CDN Establishment and Governance

ARLA WGCP CDN General Operating Guidelines

ARLA WGCP CDN Geographic Area Map


CDN Landscape Level Delivery Planning

Delivery Prioritization Tool

CDN Delivery Focus Areas

ARLA WGCP CDN Project Opportunities


CDN Activities

February 2016 CDN Meeting

April 2016 CDN Steering Committee Meeting

February 2015 CDN Meeting



For additional information, contact:

Steve Fowler - AGFC, CDN Co-Chair;

David Breithaupt - LDWF, CDN Co-Chair;

Doyle Shook - LMVJV, WGCPO Partnership Coordinator;