Working Groups:

Forest Resource Conservation Working Group
March 23-24, 2005 Meeting Agenda
Related Documents:Summary Report – April 2003 Working Group Meeting on Bottomland Hardwood Reforestation
Forestland Workgroup Report – Wetland Reserve Program

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Landbird Working Group (LMVJV-PIF)

For more information about landbirds, visit the Landbirds page under Conservation Planning.

Science Team
The Science Team provides scientific and technical support to the LMVJV partnership to refine the biological foundation underlying bird conservation plans and assist LMVJV partners in progressively building on the foundation to achieve scientific objectives. Visit the Science Team page.

Shorebird Working Group (MAV)
The Shorebird Working Group of the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture Migratory Bird Science Team will assist the Joint Venture office in planning, implementing, and evaluating conservation action on behalf of shorebirds.

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Waterfowl Working Group
The LMVJV Waterfowl Working Group serves as the technical forum for coordination and communication among Joint Venture partners in matters pertaining to implementing the goals and objectives of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP). The Working Group ensures that the conservation actions of Joint Venture partners are supported by program and agency-specific population-based habitat objectives and that population and habitat monitoring programs are supporting the progressive refinement of waterfowl conservation goals and objectives.

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Winter Rice Food Availability Evaluation Working Group (MAV)