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First Ever Mississippi WRE Newsletter

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Turn-row Credibility Workshop 2016

A group of over 40 state, federal, and NGO conservation professionals were part of a recent workshop in northeast Louisiana aimed at strengthening their knowledge and enhancing their on the ground skillset. But the curriculum over the two days had little to do with the “ologies” (you know, entomology, conservation biology, ecology), and everything to do with better understanding the work, obstacles, and decision points that farmers must confront daily as part of production agriculture in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Topics in the workshop ranged from Advanced Agriculture Terminology to an Overview of On-Farm Business Decisions and Factors to Conservation Planning Basics to A Year in the Life of a Farmer. Among the speakers heard in the first day’s session were an Agricultural Extension Specialist, NRCS Biologist & Water Quality Specialist, and a Soil and Water Conservation District Representative. Through these experienced instructors, participants were exposed to a variety of issues, terminology, and programs highly relevant to identifying potential approaches to conservation within the context of production agriculture.

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PIF 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan Released

The new Partners in Flight plan presents a comprehensive assessment of North American landbird species status and vulnerability, featuring four new tools:

1. Extinction Risk Models

2. Responsibility assignments for Watch List species scaled to Joint Ventures and BCRs

3. Full life-cycle anaysis of year-round eBird data to identify areas of greatest importance to migrants

4. Species assessment scores updated with improved access to the associated PIF database

The 2016 Plan highlights Migratory Bird Joint Ventures, presenting JV-specific species importance information, examples of conservation in action, and anticipated future action.

The Plan and more can be found on the PIF website


MBCC Approves Nearly $7MM for Conservation within the LMVJV

Three North American Wetlands Conservation Act proposals and an additional two National Wildlife Refuge acquisitions within the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture region were approved by the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission on 20 April. In sum, these projects will conserve over 11,000 acres of habitat. Click on the MBCC Approves LMVJV Projects document under Subject Briefs to read more.

MAV Forest Breeding Bird Decision Support Model— New and Improved!

The Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture’s Forest Breeding Bird Decision Support Model for the MAV was recently updated to reflect current forest habitat and refined understanding of the nature of forest core. Approved by the Management Board in October 2015, the new model is available as an interactive map thanks to our Ducks Unlimited partners. We anticipate that partners will continue to use this tool to help focus reforestation efforts on areas with greatest benefits to our priority forest breeding species. Links to the interactive map and 2015 Update documentation can be found on our website under “Conservation Tools”.

For additional information, contact Dr. Anne Mini, LMVJV Science Coordinator,





National NRCS-Joint Venture Workshop Hosted by LMVJV in Mississippi

Joint Venture and NRCS leaders from across the country met in the heart of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley in September 2015 to explore ways of increasing synergies and effectiveness in meeting mutual conservation objectives. Participants shared examples of successful efforts, discussed challenges, and concluded with a series of recommended approaches and actions for more effective partnering. Oregon NRCS State Conservationist, Ron Alvarado (pictured at right;
Dave Smith, Intermountain West JV Coordinator on the left) was recognized by conservation partners for his leadership and NRCS’s key involvement in bird habitat conservation in the Great Basin.

Click here for the NRCS-JVs National Coordination Work Session Report Final


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