LMVJV Management Board:

The LMV Joint Venture is overseen and directed by a Management Board composed of representatives of private, state, and federal organizations. Management Board members share an enthusiasm and passion for conservation of natural resources important to the health and long-term viability of bird populations within the region, and believe in the power of partnerships.

The LMVJV Management Board
American Bird Conservancy - E.J. Williams
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - Brad Carner
Ducks Unlimited - Craig LeSchack
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources - Steve Beam
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries - Kenny Ribbeck
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks - vacant
Missouri Department of Conservation - Joel Porath
Natural Resource Conservation Service - Mike Sullivan
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - Joe Hemphill
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - Joe Benedict
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department- Jeff Raasch (Chair)
The Conservation Fund - Ray Herndon
The Nature Conservancy - Ron Seiss
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Migratory Birds - Kristin Madden
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Region 4 - Mike Oetker
U.S. Forest Service - Eddie Taylor
U.S. Geological Survey - Tom Doyle


Relevant Management Board Information
2013 Operational Plan
Operational Plan Year 2 Progress
2014 Communications Plan
Communication Plan Year 1 Progress


Membership is open to agencies or organizations that, by virtue of mission or legislative authority, commits to sharing in the responsibility of implementing national and international bird conservation plans within the LMVJV region. Member organizations are expected to commit energy and resources to developing a shared vision of bird conservation for the LMVJV and coordinating their otherwise independent actions in the cooperative pursuit and refinement of that vision.

Management Board representatives are expected to represent their agency or organization at an administrative and policy level on matters pertaining to allocating human and financial resources to the protection, restoration, and management actions that are inherent to sustained, long term conservation.

Recognizing that the commitment of member agencies/organizations is voluntary and subservient to the organization's mission, authorities, and budgetary capabilities, Management Board members are expected to participate regularly and fully in advancing the goals and objectives of the LMVJV.  Board members will be expected to attend two Management Board meetings a year; participate in conference calls or ad hoc working groups; and fulfill other such responsibilities in the course of a year as may be deemed appropriate by the Board as a whole.

The Board is open on an adjunct basis to agencies, organizations, or individuals whose mission may not lend itself to sharing fully in the broad spectrum of conservation actions inherent in implementing national and international bird conservation plans but yet have an abiding interest in a joint commitment of energies and resources on specific areas of mutual concern, e.g. carbon sequestration, sustainable forestry, or wetland restoration.