Daigle Farms

Nestled in Beauregard Parish, Daigle Farm is home to David Daigle - a landowner, cattleman, and conservationist committed to the stewardship of his land.  Many tracts Mr. Daigle acquired were clear cut.  Having come full circle, those acres now make up a mostly restored, fully functional longleaf pine ecosystem.  He utilizes an integrated management approach to identify resources on the property, track those available for utilization, and wisely manage their use without detrimental impacts to the system.  He has been quoted saying, “… I can graze cattle, I can maintain diversity, and I can manage that right there where a red-cockaded woodpecker lives.”  No doubt a true statement, as the property supports abundant wildlife habitat, wood products, and quality Braford and Brahman Cattle.  He manages this system through the use of herbivory and prescribed fire, just as historical records confirm it was maintained pre-settlement.

Nesting and foraging habitat for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker is maintained alongside the endangered plant, American chaffseed.  Open pine savannahs provide habitat for bobwhite quail, wild turkey, and other grassland nesting birds.  Wood storks, roseate spoonbills, along with various herons and egrets benefit from the flatwood ponds that have been restored.  None of these activities happen without challenges.  The invasive Chinese tallow tree is common in the area and quickly colonizes the savannahs and flatwood ponds if left unchecked.  Invasive plants are treated on all acres on a 3-year rotation with combinations of basal and foliar application.  He has partnered with the Natural Resource Conservation Service on many aspects of the restoration and management of his property through the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program, Environmental Quality Incentive Program, the Longleaf Pine Initiative, and the Conservation Stewardship Program.  All of his acreage is registered as Natural Areas with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Natural Heritage Program and he participates in LDWF’s Safe Harbor program for the red-cockaded woodpecker.  He also has partnered with the National Wild Turkey Federation for restoration activities on his property.

Due to Mr. Daigle’s success in restoring critical habitats, his consulting services are in demand from individuals and entities that seek to do the same.  He has worked with many conservation groups, state, and federal agencies in an advisory capacity, planning restoration and management of longleaf pine and gulf coastal prairie habitat.  He is chairman of the Calcasieu Soil and Water Conservation District, vice-president of the Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts, chairman of the Louisiana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative, and founding board member of the Coastal Plain Conservancy.  The Daigle’s graciously welcome groups interested in the fantastic work that occurs on their farm with several field days annually.  His most recent recognition is the 21st National Cattleman’s Beef Association’s Environmental Stewardship Award for the Southeastern US.