The above link provides access to a pdf version of the Louisiana-Mississippi Conservation Delivery Networks (LA-MS CDN), Delivery Prioritization Tool Field Atlas or "Map Book". Upon its establishment, the LA-MS CDN recognized the need to develop an effective approach to support identification and prioritization of conservation actions. Similar to the strategy employed by its predecessor, the AR MAV CDN, the LA-MS CDN formed a Working Group (WG) to consider opportunities to address the need. The WG mutually determined that a landscape scale, spatially-specific tool to assist in identifying areas that might most benefit from the CDN's conservation delivery focus, was a worthwhile approach. The CDN WG ultimately settled on the use of four spatially-specific conservation decision-support capabilities developed both individually and collectively by CDN partners. The Map Book is intended to serve as a functional tool for field biologist to plan and target their efforts in conjunction with CDN priorities in the Northeast Louisiana and Mississippi delta.